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29th Mar 2016

There has been a positive update on Nick Blackwell’s condition, but he may never fight again

Get well soon

Robert Redmond

Nick Blackwell’s condition is “not deteriorating” according to the boxer’s family.

The 25 year old was placed into an induced coma after collapsing following his British middleweight title bout against Chris Eubank Jr on Saturday night at Wembley Arena in London.

The fight was stopped in round 10, following severe swelling to Blackwell’s eyeThe boxer also suffered bleeding on his brain, and was placed into an induced coma after being carried from the ring on a stretcher.

Blackwell’s family revealed that he is set to be brought out of the coma by Tuesday, and that his condition has not worsened since Saturday’s fight.

Meanwhile, Peter Hamlyn, a leading neurosurgeon, told The Daily Telegraph that Blackwell is unlikely to ever box again.

“Hopefully because Mr Blackwell did not have hypoxia in addition to the brain injury, the swelling won’t be too bad, and over the forthcoming days the pressure in his brain will normalise they will be able to lighten the anaesthetic and, hopefully, he will emerge with very little damage. But it is very unlikely that he will box again.”

It goes without saying that Blackwell’s long-term health, rather than his boxing career, is undoubtedly of paramount concern at this time.