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22nd Jan 2023

Chris Eubank admits that he regrets “ugly build-up” to fight with Liam Smith

Lee Costello


“It got a bit ugly at the end.”

Liam Smith stopped Chris Eubank in the fourth round in what was the least expected way anyone thought this fight would go.

The bookies had Eubank as the favourite but in many eyes it was a 50/50 that would go the distance and be decided on points.

Given Eubank’s incredible record of having never been knocked out, and the fact that Smith isn’t necessarily known for being a big hitter, when the Scouser floored his opponent in the fourth round, the place erupted.


It was an incredible uppercut that started it, but Smith threw punches in bunches and didn’t stop there, continuing to chop the tree until it finally fell.

So dazed was Eubank, that even when the towel was thrown in by his trainer, the legendary Roy Jones Jr, he still thought that the fight was continuing, and squared up to Smith.

Afterwards, Smith told Sky Sports that no one should ever doubt him again.


Liam Smith said: “I don’t know if it was one shot or an accumulation, but I told you all week.

“A lot got made of Chris’ great chin, I’ve got a great chin, but there’s many fighters with better chins who have been knocked out in the past.

“I told you all week, don’t be surprised, nobody can not be hurt.”


Eubank interrupted the interview and was magnanimous in defeat, and admitted that he regretted the war of words in the build up.

Some believe that Smith’s comments about Eubank’s sexuality were homophobic, while his opponent fired back accusations that he often cheats on his wife.

Chris Eubank Jr said: “Big congratulations to him. He caught me with a great shot.

Smith Eubank

“The build-up was the build-up, it got a bit ugly at the end. I regretted that. I respect you, I respect your family, I always have.

“If the fans want to see a rematch, we can get it on at Anfield.

“Big respect, man.”

Speaking to the BBC, Smith clarified that it was never his intent to be homophobic with the comments he made in the build up.

“I said all week I’m a good finisher and I knew if I got him hurt that I would finish him,” Smith told 5 Live.

“Name me a Chris Eubank fight that has been respectful, not many. 

“Something I said may have come across wrong and I apologise for anyone offended by that. I respect everybody and it was just tongue in cheek with Chris. 

“There’s not many fighters who can milk a crowd like I can. That was up there with the best nights in my career. 

“I’ll do the rematch on my terms.”

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