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13th Jan 2017

Trainer loses licence after overseeing sparring session that left Nick Blackwell in coma

His sparring partner has been suspended

Tom Victor

Boxing trainer Liam Wilkins has seen his licence taken away following his involvement in the sparring session which resulted in Nick Blackwell falling into a coma.

Blackwell, who retired from professional boxing after suffering bleeding on the skull in a title fight against Chris Eubank Jr last year, had been sparring with Hasan Karkardi in a session which his regular trainer Gary Lockett had no knowledge of until after it had taken place.

Karkardi had earlier been suspended for his involvement, and the BBC reports that the Bristol-based light-heavyweight will face six months away from the sport.

“While we knew Nick missed boxing, we obviously didn’t realise the extent to which he missed it,” Lockett said at the time of the injuries, adding that – while he considers Blackwell a friend – he believed he was “stupid” to return to the ring.

Lockett confirmed last weekend that it would be a while before the 26-year-old returned to ‘where he was’ before the latest injuries.

Blackwell, who had been placed in an induced coma following the Eubank fight in March 2016, was reportedly rushed to hospital having fallen ill after the sparring session with Karkardi in November.

He came out of a coma just days before Christmas, but faces a long road to recovery.