Jake Paul brutally trolled by Tyson Fury's son 1 year ago

Jake Paul brutally trolled by Tyson Fury's son

'He must be a Tommy Fury fan.'

Jake Paul was given the surprise of his life after he was interrupted mid-interview by Tyson Fury.


Paul was speaking exclusively to JOE ahead of his showdown against Tommy Fury, which will take place in Saudi Arabia on February 26.

The American was asked for a response on John Fury's opinion, in which he claimed that those who backed himself over Tommy were considered to be "boxing casuals".

However, the interview was cut short when the Gypsy King and his family entered the room, startling the 26-year-old before he then got up to hug the heavyweight champion.


Fury then gave his thought on the fight, claiming that it would be difficult but he was backing his brother over Paul before proposing an entertaining idea.

"I think it's a great fight," he revealed.

"I think both guys are putting it on, I've said that lots and lots of times and whoever loses is pretty f****d because they've had a lot to say, like me!

"When you speak a lot of s**t, you've gotta back it up and now it's time for the big boys to do it!


"I'm obviously backing my own brother against Jake and I'm sure his brother will do the same too.

"I've got an idea: we can do this as a little tag team match. His brother can tag in and I'll tag in and boom!"

As the Fury family prepared to say their goodbyes, Paul went to offer a fist bump to both of the Gypsy King's sons, only for one to brutally troll him and refuse his offer.


"He must be a Tommy Fury fan," Jake exclaimed, looking rather shocked.

Once Fury had left, Paul breathed a huge sigh of relief before saying: "I thought he was gonna f*****g punch me, man."

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