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31st Dec 2018

Floyd Mayweather reveals how much he will make from New Year’s Eve exhibition

Obscene money for three three-minute rounds

Darragh Murphy

Floyd Mayweather is set to make a million a minute when he takes part in his much-discussed exhibition bout in Japan.

Mayweather has confirmed how much he will make for his nine-minute meeting with undefeated Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve, revealing that he stands to earn $9 million for his New Year’s Eve outing.

The 41-year-old’s pristine 50-0 boxing record will not be on the line in the match-up, which is seen by many as a glorified sparring session which will boost the profile of Nasukawa while keeping Mayweather’s name in the headlines.

Confusion initially surrounded the bout when it was announced in early November as fans did not know whether to expect a cross-sport clash or a boxing match but that was cleared up a month later, when it was confirmed that the pair would be putting on a straight boxing exhibition over three three-minute rounds on the RIZIN 14 card.

RIZIN’s Nobuyuki Sakakibara said prior to the event that Nasukawa would wear 8oz. gloves and Mayweather would wear 10oz. gloves for the bout, while there will be no judges.

Mayweather is confident that he could do three rounds in his sleep and will welcome the lucrative payday for what should be a routine trip through the ropes.

“It’s just another day. Another day like I wake up, take shower, put my clothes on,” Mayweather said. “Just fighting is something I’ve done for over 30 years, so it’s just another day. I worry about entertaining and things, but once the bell rings, it’s always entertainment. So it is about having fun, going out there and doing my best.”