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20th Jul 2017

WATCH: Conor McGregor’s rapid response when asked about ‘going home’ to England

Short shrift

Patrick McCarry

Make no mistake about it, Conor McGregor truly appreciates the support he gets from his English fans, and the legions upon legions of Irish people residing across the water.

Dublin, Ireland is his home, though, and no doubt about it.

‘The Notorious’ missed out on Dublin during the Mayweather vs. McGregor promotional world tour after it was apparently vetoed by the undefeated boxer.

The closest he got was London for the final leg of an exhaustive and, at times, provocative tour. Kicking off his speech at the SSE Arena [Wembley], McGregor said:

“What an honour it is for me to come here and close this tour, in a place so close to home. I can hear so many of my countrymen and so many people that are on my side, supporting me.” 

Less than 24 hours before that declaration, McGregor was in Brooklyn and was asked about heading to England.

“You’re getting ready to get back to England, which is kind of home to you,” a reporter stated.

McGregor’s response was rapid.

“I’m an Irishman. It’s separated by water. It’s not.”

“English people have always been good to me,” he added. “I’ve fought in England, I’ve been to England many times. They’ve always been close to Ireland and I look forward to going back.”

McGregor did fight once in London, defeating Steve O’Keeffe at Cage Warriors 45 back in February 2012.

He was afforded a rapturous welcome that night in London but returning home to Ireland, in late August, 1-0 in his boxing career will be one of his major motivators over the coming weeks.

YouTube credit: Behind the Gloves