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02nd Feb 2018

Conor McGregor currently in negotiations for return to fighting

He namedropped four potential opponents

Ben Kiely

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor wants to fight.

This is music to the ears of everyone who misses Conor McGregor the fighter rather than this new social media celebrity. If you’ve grown weary of images of cars, watches and private jets clouding up your timeline, maybe they will soon be replaced (or at the very least, supplemented) with training photos from an actual fight camp.

Now that some sort of version of the lightweight title is going on the line in UFC 223’s main event, McGregor appears to have gotten the itch. He told reporter Adam Glyn in New York that the talks are already underway. By the sounds of it, his return is inevitable.

“I’m currently in negotiations to face my next opponent.”

McGregor namedropped four potential opponents for his return bout. There are no prizes for guessing which four he has set his sights on. The two men competing in the next lightweight title fight and the two men who were a part of his two biggest PPVs are top of the pile.

“We have many options. There’s the current interim lightweight champion. There’s an undefeated Dagestani – maybe a big Russian event. Obviously, there’s the Diaz trilogy. Of course, the Mayweather fight is there. There’s many options. We’re just at the table at the moment. Time’s is good. Life is good.” 

Of course, the Mayweather fight refuses to die.

Although McGregor was quite dismissive of Mayweather’s intentions of ever competing in the UFC, he also claimed that if he didn’t fulfil the promise he made on the Money Fight media Tour, it will ‘follow him for the rest of his days’.

Considering the utterly reprehensible stuff from his past that currently follows Mayweather, we doubt he would mind too much about the relatively small number of people who would take issue with this for a prolonged period.