Chantelle Cameron concerned about unfair scoring in Katie Taylor fight 6 months ago

Chantelle Cameron concerned about unfair scoring in Katie Taylor fight

“I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t."

Chantelle Cameron is set to face Katie Taylor this Saturday and although she isn't afraid of taking on this huge challenge, she does have concerns about the scoring of the fight.


Taylor is undefeated in the professional ranks and a world champion across two different weight divisions, but the Bray native has had her fair share of close calls.

It hasn't all been easy sailing for the Irish woman, and she's had to dig deep in fights, most notably her historic clash against Amanda Serrano last year.

Katie Taylor

In all of these occasions however, Taylor has been given the nod, and emerged victorious, but not every one agrees with some of the judging in these bouts.


The Wicklow warrior's first battle against Delfine Persoon is one that is often referred to as a decision that went Taylor's way when it maybe shouldn't have.

With so many challenges presented in front of Cameron as she prepares to walk into Dublin on May 20th, the scoring of the fight is an added concern.

Katie Taylor

“I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t,” she told Boxing News.. “[I’ve] seen it a couple of times with Delfine {Persoon] and Amanda. Very, very close fights that could have gone either way. Katie got the nod.


“I’ve got a massive task ahead of me but that’s what I’m in boxing for, big challenges. One that I think that as long as I do what I’m told do, what I’m prepared to do then it’s a no-brainer.

"I’m going to be victorious no matter what and won’t leave it in anyone’s hands.”

By "not leaving it in anyone's hands" Cameron is of course suggesting that she will stop Taylor, and win by knockout or TKO.

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