Anthony Joshua gets personal with Tyson Fury "mental health" remark 1 month ago

Anthony Joshua gets personal with Tyson Fury "mental health" remark

"He definitely has mental issues."

Anthony Joshua has taking the gloves off and came out swinging with a rather personal assessment of Tyson Fury's mentality based on watching his Netflix show.


The WBC heavyweight champion has released a documentary called At Home with the Furys, where you get a behind the scenes look into the life of the boxing champion.

His long standing rival, and former heavyweight champion Joshua, has been chasing a fight with his fellow Englishman for quite some time, and says that he has been enjoying the show.

Anthony Joshua

"I like it. I like his kids. They’re so funny. His wife is loyal, so supportive," Joshua told Men's Health. I am partly watching it because it gives me an insight that maybe I can use if we do fight."


When asked if he could spot any weaknesses, Joshua pointed out that Fury's mentality may be an aspect that he could exploit for his advantage.

"How you can change his mood. They say I am mentally weak. He definitely has mental issues. 100 per cent. It’s like going to war.

"In the heat of a fight, you’re not going to be thinking, ‘Ah, that bit in episode seven of the Netflix series…' But, it does give the psychologists a chance to understand him more.

Anthony Joshua

"We separate the elements of a fight. You have the fight strategy, then you have psychological warfare and then you have things like, ‘Shall I wear red?’ to signal danger, all these different things.

"So something like the TV thing won’t help me in the fight but it might help in the lead-up."


As for whether Joshua would ever appear in his own Netflix show, he said: "No, maybe I would focus more on the business, our values, what we will do after boxing.

"What is the gain for family? A minute of fame?

"If one of them had a strategy where they wanted to showcase themselves for some reason then yes, a great opportunity, but they don’t."

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