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24th Jul 2016

This brutal 12-second knock-out saw American kickboxer fall like an axed tree


Ben Kenyon

You won’t see many better knock-outs than this.

It just goes to show you don’t need to throw huge haymakers to put someone’s lights out.

Zinedine Hameur-Lain’s brilliant 12-second knock-out of Warren Thompson is a prime example of the perfectly-timed punch.

It was Conor McGregor that said “precision beats power and timing beats speed” after his 13-second knock-out of Jose Aldo at UFC 194 when he caught the Brazilian with a deft, delicate and fight-ending left hand.

Hameur-Lain picked this shot out of the very same play book, and just like Aldo that night, his opponent was rendered unconscious and stiff on the canvas.

It came just moments into first round of the Frenchman’s bout against American fighter Warren in Glory’s Light Heavyweight Contender Tournament on Friday night.

Warren came at him from the bell but Hameur-Lain opened up his guard with the pawing lead left hand, leaving him wide open to follow up with a right hand to the jaw.

Warren was unconscious the moment the shot landed and in almost slow motion tumbled to the canvas like a tree that had just been felled.

It was an absolute brain-rattler of a shot from Hameur-Lain who went on to win the final against Brazilian Ariel Machado with another KO here.

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