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22nd Oct 2016

VIDEO: Shockingly late referee stoppage from Glory is a little difficult to watch

Doctor tried to intervene

Darragh Murphy

We’re all for giving fighters the chance to fight their way out of trouble but this is a bit much.

Thongchai Sitsongpeenong’s Glory debut was as devastating as many expected, with the Thai kickboxer stopping opponent Casey Greene in the second round of Glory 34.

It would appear that Greene received more shots than were necessary to end the contest though as the official in charge of the fight allowed the bout to continue far longer than it should have.

With Greene clearly struggling to keep his balance after being rocked by a right hand to his temple, he was allowed to fight on in spite of the fact that most spectators believed that he was already out on his feet.

Greene was on the receiving end of several more clean shots before his legs gave out once more and he collapsed in the corner under Sitsongpeenong’s weight.

The danger that Greene was in was such that the doctor climbed on to the ring apron in an attempt to call the bout off but the referee had already instructed both men to keep fighting.

An entirely telegraphed left hook then landed flush and knocked Greene unconscious, which finally prompted the referee to decide that he’d seen enough.

It’s really difficult to watch.

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