The new Netflix tennis series is going to kick off with a banger episode 10 months ago

The new Netflix tennis series is going to kick off with a banger episode

Netflix serving up yet another documentary series that should have us hooked.

Netflix have announced that they will be realising a brand new documentary series in which they will follow the lives of some of the biggest pros in tennis.


The popular streaming service have confirmed that the series will follow some the best talent in the men's and women's game on both the ATP and WTA tours, whilst also documenting the four major's across the tennis season - including this year's Australian Open, where filming has already gone underway.

It should be quite the entertainment, given the recent debacles in the tennis world. The opening episode is bound to be based around the Novak Djokovic 'will he, won't he?' drama in Melbourne, involving Covid exemptions, deportation orders, loose-lipped TV anchors, grandstanding politicians, angry fans and, of all people, Nigel Farage.

They confirmed the news on social media as well as revealing the production company behind the hugely popular 'F1: Drive to Survive' and their upcoming PGA Tour project would be the brains behind the series. It said:

'Smashing news: Netflix is serving up a new documentary series following the top men’s and women’s pro tennis players on the ATP and WTA tours, as well as in the majors.'


Tennis gets Drive to Survive treatment

"From Box to Box Films – the producers of F1: Drive to Survive and the upcoming PGA Tour project – the series covers the 2022 season, with filming having already begun at the Australian Open..."


At the moment, it remains unclear as to which stars will feature in the documentary, but there is hope that some of the biggest talent such as Rafael Nadal, Emma Raducanu, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams will all play some part in what is guaranteed to be a fascinating storyline.

During an interview with the Eurosport last year, Andy Murray said that he would welcome the idea of a series similar to 'Drive to Survive' focusing on the world of tennis.

"A lot of people have spoken about Drive to Survive. I've watched a few episodes myself, I enjoyed it and something like that would be really good for tennis," he said.

"I think that there is huge benefit to the sport (but) I don't think tennis is open enough to allow access like that. It's a difficult one because it's brilliant.

"A lot of players would (support it) but you also need to trust the people that are filming as well. Providing it's done well and that there's a level of respect and trust there between the athletes and the people that are filming, I think it can be unbelievably positive."

A release date for the new series has yet to be confirmed yet.


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