The most overrated gym exercises of all time 3 years ago

The most overrated gym exercises of all time

Take a second look at that workout programme.

You probably aren't blessed with an infinite amount of time to train. So it's essential you pick the gym exercises that get results while minimising the risk of injury.


We asked the CrossFit athlete Zack George to outline the most overrated exercises of all time. Here are his thoughts on the matter:

The most overrated gym exercises

1. Lat pulldown

"I'd say any sort of back machine should be on here. You could use a lat pulldown for as long as you want, but still not be able to do a pull-up. There's just very little crossover for that sort of scenario."


Photo: @fitnish on Unsplash

2. Fixed squat rack or Smith machine

"Any sort of fixed squat or Smith machine. It's just horrendous, such a false movement.


"It's just so different to a free, barbell back squat. You could spend a year doing squats in a Smith machine and be no closer to nailing a proper squat than when you started."

3. Rebounding box jump

A standard box jump is fine, but with a rebounding one, you immediately jump backwards to the start position. And then repeat, without rest.

"There's a high level of risk with this", says George.

"I've seen or know a lot of people who've snapped their Achilles doing that movement. Thankfully, you don't see it much more in CrossFit due to the risk element."


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