VIDEO: Bernard Tomic acts like a spoiled child after losing at Wimbledon 4 years ago

VIDEO: Bernard Tomic acts like a spoiled child after losing at Wimbledon

Watch this press conference performance from Bernard Tomic and try not to throw your phone or computer at the ground in anger.

Bernard Tomic complained of feeling "bored" during his first round defeat at Wimbledon to No.27 seed Mischa Zverev.


The 24-year-old German appeared to completely lose interest during the game; having lost the first set 6-4, Tomic capitulated and lost the match in straight sets in just 84 minutes.

Anybody watching the match would have noted Tomic's lack of effort and the man who reached the last 16 in 2016 admitted afterwards that he had just given up.

“It was definitely a mental issue out there,” he said. “I felt a little bit bored to be completely honest with you. It’s tough, you know. I’m 24. I have done, came on tour at 16, 17. I have been around and feels like I’m super old, but I’m not. I’m still 24, and it was tough to find motivation out there.”

Tomic denied that he would call it quits.


“No, I’m happy with my life,” he said. “It’s my choice. I know I have to work hard. For sure I don’t do the right work. But I feel holding a trophy or doing well doesn’t satisfy me anymore. It’s not there. I couldn’t care less if I make a fourth-round US Open or I lose first round. To me, everything is the same.

“You know, I’m going to play another 10 years, and I know after my career I won’t have to work again.”

Things became particularly tetchy when Tomic was asked if he would give back the prize money for turning up at Wimbledon back.

He was not impressed.