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08th Aug 2016

BBC presenter Helen Skelton responds to criticism of her outfits during Rio 2016

Imagine being offended by this...

Carl Anka

Won’t somebody please think of the children.

It seems astonishing that in 2016 a television presenter would be subjected to Helen Lovejoy levels of criticism but there you go – the world is a f****d up place.

In case you missed it former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton, who is headed up BBC’s swimming coverage alongside Mark Foster and Rebecca Adlington, came under fire from some viewers who took umbrage over the length of her dress.



A number of viewers were quick to respond to the critique, pointing out the double standard of former swimmer Mark Foster wore shorts during the broadcast without receiving any such comments.

It seems Helen’s response to the situation is to rise above, simply continuing her coverage of the swimming events paying the critics no attention.

Because as one commentator pointed out…



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