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21st Jan 2015

VIDEO: The Battle of Pennsylvania is the roughest hockey match ever

A fight interrupted by some hockey

Kevin McGillicuddy

Nothing cuddly or cute about these penguins

We think we know about sporting rivalries on this side of the pond with Dublin-Meath or Galway-Mayo and in England they like to talk up Liverpool-Manchester United.

But that ain’t nothing compared to the pure naked hatred between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers.

They clashed in last night’s NHL action and the game is widely known as the “Battle of Pennsylvania” for some serious bust ups between the sides in previous years.

And last night lived up to the reputation with an incredible 82 penalty minutes in the first two quarters alone.

Pretty much ever single player on either team was involved in a scrap at some stage of the game

Even those in charge of the Twitter account lost count of how many scraps they were witnessing:

Some hockey did eventually break out in between all the fighting and the Flyers won 3-2.

H/t to CBC