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16th Apr 2017

WATCH: Irish man has some very basic tips for Canadian TV about supporting a team

"I was drunk, but..."

Conan Doherty

Stand up for the Edmonton Oilers.

The relationship between a fan and an athlete works both ways.

Players are roused by rousing support. But supporters also need something to roar for.

In Ireland, they generally get that balance just right. There are no grand expectations that teams should be winning World Cups or Olympics or whatever else but they do want to see people going at it, giving it their all and representing their country with all the pride and fight we have on this island.

Then, you get respect. You get appreciation. You get love.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when emigration seems more common than it does rare and some of the best of the Irish are scattered all around the globe.

But whilst they’ll never forget where they’ve come from, they throw themselves into those various cultures and embrace their new surroundings. They do, however, still bring some of the great traits with them

In Canada, Jimmy Higgins is now following ice hockey and he’s roaring for the Edmonton Oilers more than anyone. When CBC Edmonton asked him what the secret was to how the Irish do it, there was no big reveal.

Just bloody support the team!

“They’re very quiet here. They wait ’til their team scores, then they get excited,” Higgins explained to CBC. “But the rest of the game, they’re very shy.

“They’re too shy, too quiet, it’s bad for the game. I was shouting, ‘let’s go Oilers’ and I was drunk but the rest are like, ‘sit down, be quiet’.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s playoffs or not, support your team.”

The Oilers are locked in a playoff battle with the San Jose Sharks at present with the third game on Sunday. Ahead of the win on Friday night for the Canadian outfit, Irish man Jimmy Higgins was asked a simple question and his response was even simpler.

What are you doing for the game tonight?

“Getting drunk.”

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