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12th May 2016

Watch this NHL player pull off an absolutely miraculous overtime save


Simon Lloyd

Granted, for the majority of us on this side of the Atlantic our ice hockey knowledge doesn’t extend far beyond The Mighty Ducks.

Nevertheless, we can still appreciate that this was a ruddy great save.

Washington Capitals’ Jay Beagle isn’t even a goalkeeper / goaltender / net minder (whatever they’re called), yet still managed to pull off an absolute worldy of a stop in Game six of his team’s Eastern Conference semifinal against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

With Braden Holtby – the one who’s supposed to be in goal – out of position and stickless, Beagle flung himself towards his vacant net, stopping an almost certain goal from Patric Hornqvist.

Such a fairytale eh? Surely, with such a significant game-changing moment going in their favour, victory was assured for the Capitals?

Well… no, actually. The ferocious-sounding Penguins won the the game just minutes later, meaning Beagle’s heroics meant absolutely cock all.


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