5 small margins that will improve your athletic performance 2 years ago

5 small margins that will improve your athletic performance

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“Life is just a game of inches.”

Al Pacino's classic speech in Any Given Sunday just about sums up how making small changes in life can result in a big payoff. The same goes for sport, and something as simple as making sure you're eating and drinking the right stuff will give you an extra edge.

STAYpure purification pods will make sure the water you're drinking is as fresh and tasty as possible by removing the taints and odours that can ruin your drink. A pretty good start to make!

You don't need to splash out on fresh Antarctic glacial water to enjoy the benefits of drinking good quality stuff. Purifying regular tap water can make it a hell of a lot better to drink, just like following these steps will help make you a hell of a lot better an athlete.

1. Stay hydrated

Diet is often cited as the most important aspect outside of exercise for athletes, but how much thought do you put into your fluid intake? Not taking enough water before/during a workout can result in everything from poor performance to high body temperatures and low blood pressure. The buildup of lactic acid in your system after a workout that leads to cramps is also a lot worse when you aren't hydrated.

Keeping yourself hydrated promotes the movement of the nutrients you take in as part of your diet (protein, carbs, fat, etc.). Even if you’re taking in the perfect amount of protein, you need to make sure you’re well hydrated before it has its full impact on your body.

Sugar-packed energy drinks won't cut it either! Not only will the caffeine only give you a short energy boost, those extra calories will need even more work to burn off. For both phyiscal and mental sharpness, nothing beats having a bottle of clean water when having to rehydrate yourself during or after a workout.

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2. Track your progress

While an old-fashioned notebook does the trick just fine, your smartphone can be a massive help here. There are plenty of apps dedicated to keeping an eye on your exercise routine, and they can be a good motivator when you’re struggling to get off the couch.

Take note of your latest time on the treadmill or your personal best on the squat rack. Once you have it written in front of you, it'll become a challenge against yourself to raise the bar (or kettlebell).

3. Schedule your workouts

When you’re training for a particular event, schedule your workouts around a similar time of day. If you’re planning on running a marathon at 3 pm, aim for that time each day you’re heading out for a jog.

There are pros and cons to training in the morning vs the evening, but getting into a routine means your body will reach peak performance around the same time each day. Basically, you’ll be getting your body used to being active around the same time, so you’ll be 100% ready on the day.

4. Set yourself up right

Unless the only PB you’re interested in is Instagram likes, you don’t need expensive designer gear in the gym. Maybe spend a little extra for quality footwear, but after that, any old clothes will do the job.

Have your gym bag packed the day before, and make it part of your plan for the day. Skipping workouts due to not being prepared should be a thing of the past if you want to take things to the next level.

Another simple hack is to keep a reusable water bottle on you at all times. Not only will that help you stay hydrated, you'll be less tempted to get a more unhealthy drink on your lunch break if you've already had plenty of water that day.

5. Do your research

This shouldn’t be the only article you read on this subject. The best athletes are constantly looking to evolve and improve their performance, and these days it’s easier than ever to brush up your knowledge.

Watch videos on YouTube for workout tips, read articles about the latest diet plans, and follow personal trainers on social media. Train your brain to soak up as much useful info as possible, and your body will reap the rewards next time you step into the gym.

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Before water can do all those wonderful things it can do, you need to make sure it’s as clean and pure as possible. To find out how to treat your water right, take a look at the latest STAYpure products.  Purer, fresher, safer, and tastier water for healthier hydration.