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28th Mar 2015

A teenager without a full driving licence has qualified 6th for the Malaysian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen is some boy

Kevin McGillicuddy

Do you have to do a theory test to drive an F1 car

Earlier today we brought you a story of who Francesco Totti is celebrating is anniversary of making his debut as a professional footballer at sixteen. Well we think that Max Verstappen might just be able to outdo what the Italian achieved 22 -years ago after this morning’s performance in qualifying for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The son of former F1 driver Jos Verstappen is 17 years old and doesn’t even have a full driving licence in his native Netherlands yet. Not that  it stopped the Toro Rosso driver from setting the sixth fastest time in horrendous weather conditions ahead of only his second ever race.

The Dutchman was just behind the two Red Bulls of Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat and his achievement broke a 54 year old record

His father was an F1 driver in the 1990’s and started 106 races in his career with teams such as Bennetton,Minardi and Tyrrell. However his son has just equalled one of his own records and the weekend isn’t over yet,

He spoke to reporters afterwards and his explanation of his speed and how he managed to outperform several former F1 champions is quite startling.

Cool as a breeze. We expect to ear and be writing a lot more about him over the coming months.