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19th Dec 2016

A sickening attempt is being made to profit from Michael Schumacher’s health

This is bang out of order

Sean McMahon

This is not the first time someone has tried to earn money from the German legend’s health condition.

It is hard to believe that it has been almost three years since Michael Schumacher suffered severe brain injuries in a skiing accident in the French Alps.

Since this accident, very little has been revealed about Schumacher’s condition as his family have kept these matters private, especially since his treatment was moved to his home in Switzerland two years ago.

Unfortunately, some people have gone to extreme and shameful lengths in order to gain access to the seven-time world champion.

Famously, not long after Schumacher suffered this tragic accident, it was reported that a journalist attempted to gain access to his hospital room by dressing up as a priest.

Australian F1 Formula One Grand Prix 28/3/2010 Mercedes Michael Schumacher Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Getty Images

It has been reported today by RTL via, that someone is attempting to sell photos of Schumacher. post-accident, for €1 million.

The photos were apparently taken ‘in close proximity’ to Schumacher as he lay in his room at his home in Geneva, Switzerland.

It was recently stated by Schumacher’s manager, Sabine Kehm, that the former Formula One driver’s health is not a ‘public issue’.

According to reports, an investigation is being launched into how the photos came about.