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18th Aug 2016

WATCH: Latest Embedded shows Conor McGregor’s reaction after he was bundled off stage

Crazy scenes

Patrick McCarry

Nate Diaz appears to be on edge and a stream of media duties are helping none.

The latest episode of UFC’s Embedded series for the 202 event is a great watch.

It begins with Diaz flicking off questions, snapping and noisy photographers and ordering a camera crew to stop filming him. The man just wants to fight.

There is a brief visit to McGregor’s gym in Las Vegas before we switch to the already infamous UFC 202 press conference. We are treated to the sight of McGregor sitting in traffic watching a press conference, which he is late for, as it rolls on without him.

Almost as soon as he arrives, Diaz – prompted by his brother Nick – gets up to leave. McGregor responds to Nate Diaz, who he thinks is on-stage, before realising he is up in the galleries.

McGregor flips bird

The barbs continue to fly before the bottles do.

McGregor, in his own words, began to launch hydration in the direction of Diaz and his entourage. He was then bundled off stage but was not finished yet. He declared:

Dana White: “That’s a wrap. Get him out of here.”

Conor McGregor: “I’m going back out there. I’m gonna go back out here. Let me talk. Let me talk! … (About Diaz) Fool.

Dana White: “Sorry guys. See you Saturday.”

The Friday face-off is next, then they fight for real.

On the latest episode of the GAA Hour Hurling Show Wooly and the lads reflect on a monumental weekend of action. Listen below or subscribe here on iTunes