UFC 1 veteran Ken Shamrock to compete in bare knuckle boxing at 50 years old 8 years ago

UFC 1 veteran Ken Shamrock to compete in bare knuckle boxing at 50 years old

Gloves? We don't need no stinking gloves.

Yes Ken, we do. We really do need gloves.


One of the pioneers of modern mixed martial arts is set to give fighting another go, this time in the field of bare knuckle boxing ... At 50 years of age.

Ken Shamrock will take on "bareknuckle legend James Quinn" in April 2015 in the U.K.

The bare knuckle boxing champion announced his excitement about the fight via his "official" Facebook page. 

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A statement on the website of Shamrock, who often went by the moniker of 'The World's Most Dangerous Man', reads: “Shamrock is in great health and feels invigorated by this opportunity to continue to compete and to continue giving back to his fans.

"Shamrock is going back to his roots as a fighter. Knowing his body well, Shamrock knows that his decision to re-enter the ring for the love of this sport is a sound decision.

“Shamrock adamantly believes that age should never be a restriction to any athlete. People can do amazing feats past their prime, if it’s a priority to them.”

Shamrock was a competitor in the very first UFC, falling at the semi-final stage of the then-tournament based promotion to a Royce Gracie rear naked choke.


Shamrock def Patrick Smith int the quarter final Shamrock def Patrick Smith int the quarter final

But after a 17-year fight career that saw him go 28-15-2, Shamrock called it quits in 2010 after losing to Mike Bourke at a King of the Cage event.

Some non-MMA fans among you may remember Shamrock from his spell in professional wrestling.


Having said that, his latest endeavour sounds like it is a lot less scripted but the Shamrock's camp insists that the fighting legend, who will by 51 by the time the bout rolls around, is ready to compete.

“With all his accomplishments in fighting, Shamrock is not done.

“Fighting is in his blood, and he still has the fire to do what he has always been passionate about.”

We just hope he doesn't get hurt.