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13th Jun 2016

Demetrious Johnson vows not to adhere to UFC’s new weight cutting guidelines

"Not f**king happening, bro."

Ben Kiely

Demetrious Johnson is completely behind all of the UFC’s new weight management guidelines… except one.

Last month it was announced that the UFC would be introducing a new policy to combat the problem of fighters cutting too much weight before fights. While it pales in comparison to One Fighting Championship’s weigh-in procedure, the reaction has generally been positive.

From UFC 200 onwards, fighters will be encouraged to be no more than 8% heavier than the limit of the weight class in which they are competing at the start of fight week. The UFC will also monitor daily weight, vitals and hydration levels in the last days before fight night and fighters dipping below safe levels could be pulled from their bouts.

Although there are no official repercussions for failing to be within the 8% limit on fight week aside from the prospect of being pulled if your vitals aren’t up to scratch, Demetrious Johnson takes issue with this particular guideline.

The undisputed flyweight king cuts a lot of weight to make 125 lb, and has never missed weight in his professional career. He claims to cut around 11% of his body weight during fight week and he told MMA Junkie that he doesn’t plan on changing his routine any time soon.

“Not fucking happening, bro. I’ve never missed weight, not once, I’ve never had a scare, so I will come in weighing 138, 139.”

DJ J Ben

Johnson, perhaps recognising the lack of a punishment for failing to hit that 8% mark, didn’t seem too worried about refusing to comply with this aspect of the guidelines.

“What are they going to do? Not let me fight? I’m not a crack addict – it’s not like I need to go to rehab for making weight. I’ve never had a problem, never been dehydrated. I’m taking a shit when I’m going to make weight. I’m smart – I don’t need an education on how to make weight.”

Johnson (24-2-1, 13-1-1 UFC) will defend his title against Wilson Reis (20-6, 4-2 UFC) at UFC 201 which is set to go down at Philips Arena in Atlanta on July 30. The flyweight title fight will play support act to a 170 lb title clash between champion Robbie Lawler and top contender Tyron Woodley.