Cringey breakdown of Conor McGregor's loss to Nate Diaz is beyond ignorant 4 years ago

Cringey breakdown of Conor McGregor's loss to Nate Diaz is beyond ignorant

When Conor McGregor fights Floyd Mayweather, you have to endure bollocks like this from Skip Bayliss and Shannon Sharpe.

The Fox Sports 1 shock jocks put on their MMA analyst hats for a recent instalment of Undisputed to break down UFC 196's main event where Nate Diaz handed Conor McGregor his first loss inside the UFC's Octagon.


It was the fight that shocked the world. The UFC's biggest superstar was soundly beaten to the ground and finished by a late replacement who was a huge underdog.

Here's what Skip and Shannon had to say about it (We've broken down where they went wrong in the 29 seconds below).

Bayliss: "Speaking of fighting a bigger man - a guy who outweighed him by, I'm going to guess, 40 lbs..."

Chael Sonnen's estimate of a 15 lb weight difference is far closer to the mark.

Bayliss: "...and what? Had five inches of reach on him."


Diaz has a reach of 76" while McGregor's wingspan is 74". That's a two-inch difference.

Bayliss: "And got him on the ground."

McGregor actually shot in for a takedown, so he actually got himself to the ground.

 "It's called wrestling... Sumo-style wrestling."

Jesus no. It's called jiu-jitsu. 'Brazilian-style' jiu-jitsu.


Bayliss: "He just pinned him. He pinned him."

No, he didn't. He submitted him via rear-naked choke.

Bayliss: "He didn't knock him down. He got a hold of him and dragged him down."

Again, McGregor was the one who shot in for the takedown. He did this directly after getting rocked by a stiff punch from the Stockton native. Diaz outstruck McGregor by 89 to 66 strikes in the fight.