Conor McGregor: "Rattle this, rattle that. I am going to rattle his jaw on October 6" 3 years ago

Conor McGregor: "Rattle this, rattle that. I am going to rattle his jaw on October 6"

It is officially fight week...

We are now on the home straight towards UFC229 and the biggest fight in the promotions history when 'The Notorious' Conor McGregor takes on Khabib Nurmagomedov for the UFC lightweight title.


Up until now, the Dubliner has done very little media work since the announcement of the fight. Last week saw the first press conference between the pair, and the SBG fighter was on top form as per usual.

On his hit list was not only Khabib, but his manager Ali Abdelaziz, the UFC brass and Jameson Whiskey!

With the fight looming, McGregor appeared on the Ariel Helwani show where he discussed his upcoming bout on Saturday as well as future fights down the line.

Like Khabib had earlier done, McGregor admitted that this fight has become more personal than usual given all that has gone before it.

"It's always a little bit personal, whether with the opponents or something else. It's definitely a little bit more than usual.

"But I'm a veteran now, I've been in almost every division, in every combat sport at all levels. I'm going to get in this cage and maul this man that's it." McGregor said.


He went on to discuss the situation that occurred with Artem Lobov and how that has intensified the rivalry between the two fighters. McGregor proceeded to send a chilling threat to those involved with Team Khabib.


"If it wasn't for Artem giving me all of himself I wouldn't be were I am at. He has helped me prepare for bouts since the start. Artem has done a lot for me over the years. 

"The fact they are from the same place and were both there for fight week. I had helped Artem for that fight he was in great condition And a lot happened, it was a low move. The other guy, the Chechen guy, it was low. 

"Everyone needs to watch where they step, watch what they say, watch what they do, watch were they sleep at night."

McGregor stated that he is in the zone heading into the fight and every day he is getting 'colder'. He threatened to rattle Khabib's brain when the two finally meet on Saturday.

"I am just keeping myself to myself now as the fights gets closer I get colder and right now I am a little bit chilly. 

"I don't care about rattling him from a verbal stand point, I care about rattling him with my fist and the many other weapons in my arsenal.

"Rattle this rattle that, I don't care I'm gonna rattle his brain on October 6. 

"I've been tired in there, I've been everything in that damn cage. He better hope he doesn't get tired himself, he better hope the tables don't turn. Lets see what happens when he eats a few shots, because a man changes when hes it by me."

The SBG fighter also gave an insight into the deal he has signed for the fight, saying it isn't quite the nine figures he had predicted, but it was very close, describing it as a record breaking deal.

The Crumlin native also discussed the possible avenues he may go down after this fight, citing that he would love to box Floyd Mayweather again.



"I'm certainly considering a few options, there's many things on the horizon, there is a few opponents about to compete. There's boxing ventures.

"Yes, of course. if he has the bottle to come over and do it, like he said he would, I would also like to box him again."

The former two division champion confirmed that a rematch with Nate Diaz will definitely happen down the line as he owes it to the Stockton fighter out of respect for gifting him a rematch the first time around. But said his most preferred option would be to challenge  for the welterweight title next.

"Nate Diaz will always have a rematch of of me no matter what happens. He gave me a rematch Ill give him a rematch. We will complete that trilogy no doubt about it."

"Lets see what happens I don't think next though. I think id rather fight for the 170lb belt myself. I'm not going to shut the door on that next."


McGregor then threw out an opponent from completely left field, announcing that he would consider fighting pound for pound great Anderson Silva, citing that surely he needs the cash.

"Anderson Silva would be a great one, what's he at!

"I don't know why, Anderson Silva is a legend of the game, surely he wants a bit of cash."


Back in May rumours circulated that McGregor was going to step in last minute and fight Rafael Dos Anjos for the interim welterweight title. The SBG man confirmed that these rumours were indeed true and he had agreed to fight in Brazil.


"It was a done deal May 5th Rio de Janeiro. I was excited to go over there and compete for the Brazilian fans against another fighter I've had history with who pulled out.

"This would've been for the interim 170lb belt, I was very excited unfortunately things took a different turn."

McGregor ended the 45 minute long interview giving his prediction for Saturday's main event. To no surprise the Dubliner believes he will knockout Khabib at UFC229.

"I believe KO, devastating KO.

"I hope its not too early, I believe I will clatter him and he will crumble, I don't think he can take a smack, whether he has a chin of a Diaz or a composure of a Mayweeather. I believe he doesn't have either.

I believe he has a glass chin, hes been hit but not by a sniper rifle.

I'm going to maul him, lets see whose going to be doing the talking in there." said McGregor.