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08th Apr 2015

Tiger Woods reveals just what he was listening to during his Masters practice round

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word?

Patrick McCarry

Not Redemption Song anyway.

One of the highlights of the opening practice days at The Masters was this super clip of Tiger Woods finding his groove out on the range:

Well, the former world number one was coy about revealing the exact songs he was listening to but he did reveal his head was bopping away to hip-hop.

Woods revealed he has a playlist of about 300 songs that he listens to as he practices. One of his favourite bands, Van Halen, feature but it is mostly hip-hop tracks, ranging from the 1970s all the way up to modern day. He is said to be a big Prince fan. U2… too.

Woods, however, did tip his hat to the fact that he is turning 40 later this year.

He said, ‘I wanted to just rock out (laughter). It was just nice. That’s what I practice in at home, and so having an opportunity to do that here, you see a lot of guys do it.

‘I grew up listening to… you remember the old cassette tapes? I used to make my own cassette tapes, and then they had the Discman. They didn’t have a holder for the waist, so I took one of the cassette holders and took that off and epoxied it to the Discman and listened to my discs as I practiced.

‘Times have changed, but still practicing for hours on end, it’s nice to have a little bit of tunes.’