WATCH: Shane Lowry knows exactly what he is going to do with that hole-in-one ball 5 years ago

WATCH: Shane Lowry knows exactly what he is going to do with that hole-in-one ball

At one stage on Thursday he looked in the running for a green jacket, but this is a pretty good consolation prize.

Shane Lowry got things rolling at the 16th hole at Augusta National on Sunday, sinking the first of three holes in one on the par three.


The Offaly man finished 16 shots behind winner Danny Willett on +12, in a tie for 39th place, but he will always have his ace on 16 to treasure and he made sure to hold on to a keepsake.

After striking the perfect eight iron Lowry collected his ball from the hole and made as if he was going to hurl the ball into the gallery but instead stuck it in his pocket.

There was no way he was going to throw that away.

"That will definitely go in a frame somewhere in the house," said the 29 year old, whose feat was replicated by David Love III and Louis Oosthuizen as one hole witnessed three holes in one in the same round for the first time in Masters history.

"It was a nice roar. No, I wasn't giving the ball away. My last hole‑in‑one in competition my parents were there as well, actually, and it was in Dubai and I still have the ball from that. So I feel like I'll keep that one," added Lowry.

"Obviously it was amazing to have a hole‑in‑one on 16 around here in the final round. I just wish I would have been able to come up with more birdies but it was a perfect shot. I just hit it in right of the hole and it just took it down in.

"I feel pretty lucky to have a hole‑in‑one around this place, in this tournament. So, yeah, it's nice. I'm sure I'll get a picture somewhere and frame it in the house and it will be nice memento to have."


Maybe he'll have an Olympic gold medal to hand alongside it.