WATCH: Galway LGFA player Áine McDonagh on playing county 11 months ago

WATCH: Galway LGFA player Áine McDonagh on playing county

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As part of AIG’s “One Tribe” video series, the LGFA star spoke about her sporting background and what drives her on.

The GAA has been in Áine McDonagh’s family for generations. Her family tree includes famed dual star uncle Mick Holden, one of Dublin football’s ‘12 apostles’, as well as Cuala GAA’s Mark & Paul Schutte. 

Growing up, she spent her summers in Dublin, watching them play. She looked up to them, and remembers being on the sidelines, thinking “this is what I want to do”.

Through her hard work and determination, she has reached the heights she once dreamed of. Nowadays she’s one of Ladies Gaelic Football’s brightest young stars.

McDonagh reckons her upbringing in rural West Galway has been key to her success. “I think coming from this kind of area, definitely would make you kinda that bit tougher” she says. 

She speaks about the passion and pride that fuels her. "We grew up watching the Sunday Game, singing the National Anthem” she says. “Chun báis nó saoil. To live or to die. It’s a live or die situation.” 

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