TJ Reid sends defender for a fish supper with heavenly pirouette dummy 1 year ago

TJ Reid sends defender for a fish supper with heavenly pirouette dummy

There will be few better blocks witnessed than Conor Murphy's for the rest of the year but TJ Reid isn't one for sentiment.

Inside the mind of a cold-blooded assassin, there's just targets and raw execution.

It's nothing personal with TJ Reid, it's just business and his is merciless and uncompromising. Whatever the madness surrounding the Kilkenny legend, whatever the day or the occasion or whoever the poor f**kers are staring down the barrel of his hurl, there's no negotiating with Reid once he's been deployed to do a job.

And, in a serene mental state and a gracefully elegant physical one, the deadliest hitman in hurling is packaged.

TJ Reid

Bennettsbridge is the story of club hurling in 2018.

Four years ago, just a junior team. Three years ago, All-Ireland intermediate champions after two seasons undefeated in the sport. This year? A rise to the top of Kilkenny and a date with destiny against none other than Ballyhale in the county senior decider.

Every neutral in the country was rooting for them and a completion of this epic journey that would inspire any club and a tale that would warm hearts of every Gael. Everyone except the ruthless who have Bennettsbridge as a mere obstacle.

You see, you can plead all you want with TJ Reid but, if you're in his road, you're only a problem and you're about to be given a bigger one yourself.

So, after just three minutes, Reid gets his hands on a sliotar 35 yards and the rest is just programmed.

Two men beaten and one goalkeeper undone with a rasper, and it's goal for Ballyhale and an anticlimax for Bennettsbridge.

Nice story, lads, but you're in my way now.

So it was Reid who drove Ballyhale into a 10-point lead at the break in Nowlan Park with eyes on a 16th title for Ballyhale Shamrocks.

If his goal set the tone of script-ripping, his point in the 19th minute drew mass applause from everyone in the crowd who were always going to enjoy the new narrative, the TJ Reid one.

He picks up from the block, he goes to shoot on his left before pivoting full circle and firing over off his right shoulder with two defender closing down the other side of him.

Life in slow motion, that's how he sees everything. Slow motion and dead-eye with a pinch of sadistic cruelty.

And, despite a Bennettsbridge comeback, TJ Reid's influence proved critical in the end as Ballyhale hung on and won 2-20 to 2-17.