The top seven best lines that GAA managers have said 1 year ago

The top seven best lines that GAA managers have said

GAA managers are the gift that keeps on giving.

Listen, it's not easy. You give these lads everything in training two nights a week, you prepare meticulously, you set the tactics up precisely, and then on match day, as far as you can tell, they just aren't f***ing trying.


It's completely understandable when managers then lose the plot at half-time, or get carried away before a game, and what was intended to be a 'Brave Heart' sort of speech, ends up being a mash of country dialect and harsh language.

Those in charge of leading us are often just volunteers, but proper gaels, which means they tend to lose the run of themselves from time to time.

Anyone who has ever kicked a ball, or picked up a hurl, will have experienced at least one hilarious quip from a coach, that, although was supposed to galvanise the players, ends up inducing a fit of giggles.


We asked you, what were the best lines you've ever heard from a GAA manager, and then we picked out the very best.

1. The handshake

Hilarious, a little harsh, but no doubt constructive. You need to get into them!


2. No hurling here

These lads want to go out there and show off their skills, hard work and superior athletic ability? Well f*** that! Make it a dog fight and spoil the party.

3. Poor Paddy


Sometimes the devil you know, is better than the one you don't. We all know what it's like to play with a player less than the opposition.

However, we don't know what Paddy might do, so best to play it safe.

4. Accountability


A good manager will always take responsibility, and here is an excellent example of a fearless manager shielding his players from the blame.

Fair play.

5. We can be shite too

I think it's safe to say the manager was going one direction with this speech and ended up going another.

Nothing like a backhanded compliment all the same.

6. Fatherhood

It's probably best that we don't read too much into this one, and let you take your own interpretation on it.

7. Tactical

Sometimes managers can overcomplicate things. Keep it simple, state the facts and always find a positive twist on the situation.