Rory Beggan backs up All-Star with point from play in Ulster club 2 years ago

Rory Beggan backs up All-Star with point from play in Ulster club

Rory Beggan has form for it.

Remember there last year when we were all just starting to hear about his rocket ship of a right foot and he ran up the field to score a point from play for Scotstown.

By this stage we all know about Rory Beggan. He was the best goalkeeper in the country this year and he got his reward with an All-Star ahead of Stephen Cluxton on Friday night.

He had some years in the goals for Monaghan, his pinpoint kickouts arrowing through the skies and into Monaghan chests and into their paths all the way through Ulster and into the All-Ireland.

His tendency to abandon his goals earned him plenty of praise and admirers too, Cian Ward chief among them on The GAA Hour.

"There's no different rule for the goalkeeper, he's the same as every other outfield player, so it's completely pointless to have him standing in the goals the whole time. A waste of time," he said.

He's a good shot-stopper too and he left many an attacker wondering what they had to do to score a goal this summer. It's the winter now and Beggan is still lording it, this time for Scotstown.

They won the Monaghan championship for a fifth year in a row this year, Beggan minding the goals all the way through. They were out in the Ulster quarter final on Sunday against Down champions Burren and the roving goalkeeper was again in the thick of it.

Scotstown were well on top in the first half, but they were struggling to take the chances that were coming their way, hitting 13 wides in the first half alone. Beggan had enough of watching that from the goals so he went up and showed how it was done himself.


He offered himself for the quick free and when he got it, he went and stuck it over the bar.

He tacked on a few more from frees as Scotstown stretched their legs, and he was everybody's man of the match up there.

They went onto win by two.

Don't take this one away from him, lads.