Mickey Harte and Tyrone revitalised as McShane stays put 1 year ago

Mickey Harte and Tyrone revitalised as McShane stays put

Mickey Harte woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.

A winter of fear, worry and regret ends, he can smell the summer ball now, with a full deck of cards up his sleeve.


Of all the blows to be hit with ahead of pre-season, the word that Cathal McShane was heading Down Under to the AFL was the worst imaginable. The Owen Roes target man wasn't just a key player for Tyrone last year, he was their game-plan and he was their beating heart.

A run-of-the-mill midfielder in a previous life, McShane came to life in a League game in Croke Park last year, when Tyrone went long and Dublin couldn't cope. The fresh full forward hit Davy Byrne for 1-4 and condemned Dublin to a first defeat in yonks.

Mickey Harte was buzzing and Tyrone were revitalised. That form continued into the championship as everything big red touched turned to gold. He hit 3-50 in nine championship games, and ended his season an All-Star full forward.

Cathal McShane Championship 2019

  • v Derry (0-7, 0-2f)
  • v Antrim (0-6, 0-3f)
  • v Donegal (0-4, 0-3f)
  • v Longford (2-2)
  • v Kildare (0-5, 0-2f)
  • v Cavan (0-6, 0-4f)
  • v Roscommon (0-8, 0-5f)
  • v Cork (1-5, 0-4f)
  • v Kerry (0-7, 0-3f)

Without him, Tyrone would be back to square one with Gaelic football moving on fast. Now, they have a shout again as McShane's ten day trial with Adelaide Crows last month ended with him opting to stay put in Ulster.

Adelaide were disappointed to miss out on their general manager Justin Reid explained the outcome on the Adelaide Crows website.

“It is a big decision to relocate to the other side of the world and pursue a professional career in a different sport,” Reid said.

“Ultimately, this was not something that Cathal was ready for and we wish him the very best in his endeavours both on and off the field.

“We will continue to look for opportunities to bring talent into our Club..."

Gaelic football's gain.