Meet James The Punisher Murphy... the most ruthless minor in Ireland 2 years ago

Meet James The Punisher Murphy... the most ruthless minor in Ireland

Unleash The Punisher.

James Murphy is a full back. Big, tough, uncompromising, he's an immovable anchor manning the last line of the Sean McDermotts defence.

But the Monaghan man isn't just a human wall standing tall and strong. No, he's got more to his game, more to his body. He's a steam train too.

So, every once in a while, Murphy gets bored and Murphy accumulates so much pent-up energy that it needs to be released. The imposing number three can only watch so much of the game from the full back line until he decides it's time. Time for The Punisher to dish out some punishment.

They always say that if you can't go around, you'll have to go through. But, with pace, with courage, with pure brute force, The Punisher goes right over the top of anything standing in his road.

As powerful as he is brave, it's not that he even welcomes contact. The Punisher seeks it out.

On the ball.


And off the ball.

Sean McDermotts won the Monaghan Division 2 Minor Football Championship but they had to do it after a replay and two tight, physical encounters with Doohamlet.

The first of their clashes ended 1-10 apiece. The second day, two weeks later, the Kilnaclay club prevailed 3-14 to 2-14 to lift the cup.

Throughout both games, The Punisher was causing chaos, rampaging upfield with his trademark bursts, carrying possession to safety and laying on scoring chances like it was all part of the service.

And bruising a few bodies along the way too.

When The Punisher comes at you, you get the hell out of the way.

Thanks to Killian Murphy for sending this on.