Mayo have found the road to Sam Maguire and turns out it's on the N5 1 year ago

Mayo have found the road to Sam Maguire and turns out it's on the N5

Sam Maguire this way please.

If only it was as simple as following the sign to ultimate glory, but Mayo are in luck, as the sign directing them to the Sam Maguire is on the Castlebar N5 roundabout.


Motorists heading to Dublin were noticing this new addition to the road signs, but it is not clear who actually put it there.

The placard has since been removed, although its images could potentially resurface in more ironic circumstances online, if Mayo were to lose the All-Ireland football final in September.

However, it certainly didn't cause any accidents and would have given a few drivers a smile on their way to work in the morning.


In a statement to Midwest News, Mayo County Council said:

"Mayo County Council has removed the sign  in the interest of Road safety

"In general, signs are not permitted to be erected without permits/planning permission.

"However, for special events like the All-Ireland Final, the local authority will not remove signs, provided they are not erected on the roundabout centre, or islands, and do not interfere with vision, are secured properly, and are removed promptly afterwards.

"Any signs attached to road signage will be removed as this may cause confusion to drivers, and interfere with road safety."