How to mark Kieran Donaghy 101 3 years ago

How to mark Kieran Donaghy 101

It's almost an insult to think you can stop Kieran Donaghy just by putting a tall lad on him.

First and foremost, you need one of your best defenders in to do the job because this guy is a frightening attacker capable of hurting you in too many different ways so if you don't have a fine back, size simply doesn't matter.


Then, yes, it might come in a little handy if the guy isn't 5'6 but who really wins ball in the air above Kieran Donaghy anyway?

Galway tried to get David Walsh to man the Austin Stacks weapon at the edge of the Croke Park square but to no avail. Balls went in, Donaghy won all of them - some above his head, some into his chest but the height of his marker made no difference to him.

On The GAA Hour, Armagh legend Stevie McDonnell explained the best way to at least try to go about stopping Star.

"You're never, ever going to out-catch him," McDonnell said first and foremost.

"The best example that I've seen of anybody marking him was in the Railway Cup final in Croke Park in 2007. It was Conor Gormley, believe it or not.

"Donaghy was causing Ulster all sorts of problems - in the air, winning ball, laying balls off and taking his own scores - and a change had to be made.

"Brian McEniff put Gormley back in. Gormley allowed Kieran Donaghy to catch every single ball but once he hit the ground, he dispossessed him. He got his timing perfect, took the ball off him and, from that, that was the platform for Ulster to kick on and win the game."

McDonnell goes on to say that Donaghy has to be outthought before he can be outfought.

Listen to the full discussion on marking Star from 40:00 below.