Ireland lines up to say thank you to the greatest of all time, Colm Cooper 5 years ago

Ireland lines up to say thank you to the greatest of all time, Colm Cooper

Kerry, Munster, Ireland, the world have lost a big part of themselves today.

Colm Cooper's retirement brings an end to the career of the finest footballer that the GAA was ever lucky enough to host and the impact will be felt far and wide.



For 15 years, the Kingdom's most lucrative production had been winning the plaudits and admiration of the entire GAA-loving world. The magic which he seemingly just conjured up from nowhere but his own two feet left the island marveled and dazed and left no doubt in the minds of most that this guy is the best to ever grace our turfs.

Since back in 2002 when Paidi Ó Sé sprung this lethal dynamite on the country, football as we knew it changed forever.


Typical of the man to just smile cheekily at the treasure he had unearthed.

What followed was unprecedented.

  • 10 Munster titles
  • 8 All-Stars
  • 5 All-Irelands
  • 4 National Leagues

It was a decent innings from the man they call Gooch. The man who railed against the modern changes in football and continued to base his game solely on skill.

In doing so, he continued to remain the best footballer in Ireland.

And the best recognised that.


Brilliantly put by an old team mate.

The man responsible for the game's most famous nickname.

No-one even comes close.

The best.

He HAS fooled us all before...

Thanks for the memories, Colm.