All in Glen's hands as the club must lodge an objection if they want a replay 10 months ago

All in Glen's hands as the club must lodge an objection if they want a replay

The only way the All-Ireland club football final will be replayed is if Watty Grahams Glen lodge an objection to the GAA.

Kilmacud Crokes breached Rule 6.44 (b) (i) of the GAA’s Official Guide by finishing the game with more than 15 players on the pitch but, according to the Irish News, the GAA will not investigate the matter unless Glen make a case.


It is entirely up to the Derry club.

They have until the 3.30 dead-line on Wednesday afternoon to object, otherwise, Kilmacud Crokes' win will stand. It is believed, however, that should they object, they would be almost guaranteed a replay.

Glen manager Malachy O'Rourke had indicated in his post-match press conference that an objection wouldn't appeal to him on a personal level, though it is understood that the final decision will be made by both the management of the team and the players together.

And that's where it gets difficult. As in every community, there will be be those in Glen who, like Malachy O'Rourke, believe that the team should move on, and accept that they were beaten.


On the other side of the fence, others will believe that they have every right to a replay, which certainly puts the decision makers in a complicated position.

If Glen were to object, a hearing would take place within 24 hours and the likelihood is that, if there was to be a replay, it would take place this Saturday night as part of a double-header with Kildare and Dublin's National League clash in Croke Park.

On the back of the GAA's stance, the association have been criticised for not taking it upon themselves investigate the matter regardless of Glen's stance. But this has always been the way in the GAA, with such matters only being investigated if an appeal is lodged.

The Irish News report also stated that "it still seems unlikely Glen will deviate from their gut feeling," though that remains to be seen.