Glass half full as Derry's positive play produces five fantastic goals to reach All-Ireland semis 1 month ago

Glass half full as Derry's positive play produces five fantastic goals to reach All-Ireland semis

It was like watching a 'Goal of the Season' highlights reel.

Anyone who was worried that the long break after winning the Ulster championship would hamper Derry's preparations, were proven well and truly wrong.


In an unbelievable performance spearheaded by Conor Glass in the middle of the park, it was goals galore for the Ulster champions as they found the net an incredible five times.

First up was Benny Heron, who is struggling to not hit the net these days, at it seems every game he's on target for the game changers.


Then, Glen's Glass bulldozed through the Clare defence and ripped the back of the net with such fury, that Croke Park could be issuing him a fine to replace posts.

Just to keep us entertained, Clare's Pearse Lillis finds the very, and I mean VERY, top corner at the other end, as they Kick 1-3 in ten minutes to feed some life back into the game.


That is until Paul Cassidy, at the most acutest of actuate angles, somehow smashes the ball into the top bins, and Derry's lead is restored.

You would think that the goals would dry up from there, but someone in that Oakleaf dressing room is putting money on a 'goal of the Day' competition or something, because Gareth McKinless comes straight out, and sails a beauty over the head of the Clare goalie.


Bored with the Gaelic now, Eoin Clearly played a bit of soccer, and kicked the ball off the ground to roll past Derry's Odhran Lynch.

Not even a minute passed however, before Shane McGuigan decided that there was no way in hell that the top scorer of the Ulster championship wasn't getting a goal himself.

The linesman may as well have kept the green flag in their hands for handiness as they had to be raised an incredible seven times throughout the 70 minutes.


Slaughtneil's McGuigan treated us to an incredible display of what it means to be the focal point of a team, fetching and kicking everything that came his way.

However, Conor Glass was producing stuff that has already started the whispers of 'Player of the Year,' contender, not that he will pay any attention to that.

Derry have now reached the Semi-final of the All-Ireland and will play the winners of Galway and Armagh, who face meet tomorrow in Croke Park.