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02nd Jul 2024

GAA rules trial set to be extended after player feedback

Callum Boyle

GAA rules

A number of rules have been trialled.

The Gaelic Football Review Committee could extend the ongoing trials following feedback from players.

A review led by Jim Gavin is currently testing some of the biggest rule changes that the GAA would’ve ever seen in a variety of ‘sandbox games’.

Some of the trialled changes include:

  1. A 40-metre scoring arc allowing two points for a score beyond that arc.
  2. Four points for a goal.
  3. A revised advanced mark.
  4. Teams having a minimum of three players in their own half at all times.

Over 7,000 player reviews have been obtained so far as sandbox games continue to run until the end of the month after matches took place in Mullingar (15 June) and Claremorris (22 June).

GAA rules

Sandbox games are being trialled at club level

Celbridge faced Castleknock in Abbotstown in a challenge game last weekend in which the proposed new rules were implemented.

Divided into four quarters, the advanced mark rule was intensely focused on and former Kildare senior football coach Colm Nally, who is part of the committee, said the responses were thought-provoking.

He added: “Defensive players saw our proposed tweaks to the advanced mark and wondered if there were any provisions for the defence minded players so it’s feedback on the fly and it’s brilliant.

“By now we have had 7,000 responses to our survey with over 5,000 offering additional feedback so the enthusiasm has been huge all round.”

More trial dates are expected in Armagh (6 July) and Limerick (20 July).

Trial date could be extended

Data amassed from all of the trial runs will help to forge an opinion on whether or not the trialled rule changes will become a permanent change however there is a chance that more trial runs could take place in September and October.

If approved by the Central Council, the new rule changes could be added in time for the 2025 Allianz League campaign.

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