The GAA Hour | Colm Parkinson returns to finally discuss Dublin v Kerry 3 months ago

The GAA Hour | Colm Parkinson returns to finally discuss Dublin v Kerry

After a three-week hiatus, Colm Parkinson has returned to The GAA Hour hot seat.

It's safe to say, he missed a lot.

The Mayo finances dispute, the Galway finances dispute, Player of the Year nominations, free kick shootouts, a Ciarán Kilkenny interview and... oh, Dublin winning five in a row.

So he returned from his break intent on catching up on everything he missed and what definitely didn't pass him by was RTÉ's Prime Time show which investigated the Games Development Funding received by the capital outfit over the past decade and a half. But the fact that was aired on the Tuesday after Dublin were celebrating something no other GAA team has ever done was in poor taste.

"The Tuesday night after they win five in a row? I thought that was a bit harsh from RTÉ," Wooly said on Monday's episode of The GAA Hour.

"We obviously talk a lot about the funding here but I think they need to be separated. I think it's very unfair that this conversation hangs around the head of James McCarthy who tweeted about it, hangs around the head of Stephen Cluxton and their achievement of winning five in a row.

"No funding is going to make those players respond to the Lee Keegan goal the way they did or respond in that twelve minutes (against Kerry). These lads are leaders, winners.

"All those conversations need to be had but not on the Tuesday after they won the All-Ireland because this is another conversation of how brilliant they are."

The club round-up section is now back as we ramp up the action into county final season and a new stipulation has been found for when it's okay to fist a score over the bar...