Diarmuid Connolly may regret appealing his ban after this morning's decision 5 years ago

Diarmuid Connolly may regret appealing his ban after this morning's decision

Okay, so we're pretty much definitely, truly sure that Diarmuid Connolly has been banned for 12 weeks, and the ban is sticking.

We're almost definitely sure about that.


The Dublin forward had his appeal against the imposing of a 12-week ban rejected by the GAA’s Central Hearings Committee in the early hours of this morning and, as it stands, will not be available to play again until August 27.

Connolly had originally been handed down the ban - by the Central Competitions Control Committee - for 'minor physical interference' with a linesman during Dublin's Leinster championship win over Carlow.


It was initially reported that Connolly would not appeal the ban but that turned out not to be the case.

Both he and his representatives stated their case to the CHC but further testimonies and a review of video footage eventually saw the CCCC decision upheld.

As it stands, Connolly will not return until the weekend of an All-Ireland semi final that Dublin could reach by winning Leinster and going through the direct qualifying route. There should be a final appeal avenue open to Connolly, though, if he wants to take it.

There may now be some regret at appealing the ban's imposition, dredging up the incident again and not accepting the initial CCCC judgement. Speaking about the appeals culture on The GAA Hour, earlier this week, Colm Parkinson declared:


"The culture and the attitude of getting players off, I think, is just wrong. Why are people appealing obvious suspensions? What road are we going down? What's the point of suspensions?"

One hopes this decision is the end of the Connolly/Carlow saga but we would not rule it out.