Fancy a lunch-time puck around? 1 year ago

Fancy a lunch-time puck around?

Whether you're a seasoned Senior hurler or you haven't swung a stick since under 8s, if you're free in Dublin City centre on Wednesday lunch times, this might be for you.

If you're stuck in an office from 9 until 5 Monday to Friday, there's nothing better than getting out of the building for your lunch hour and recharging the batteries. Some people go for a walk, some take on a run, some brave souls even manage a game of 5 a side or a gym session. For most of us, a quick stroll to the deli is more than enough. Whatever your particular poison, all research points to the benefits of exercise on the mind and the body and the positive effects it can have on our well-being.

All-Ireland winning hurler Timmy Hammersley is looking to tap into that, along with friend Daithí de Buitléir, as he organised the first ever 'Cúpla Poc' in Dublin this week. With the emphasis on a fun, social meet-up at lunch time in the city, with a bit of hurling thrown in, Hammersley is looking to reach out to the scores of people in the area who want something just like this for their lunch break;

"There's, within this even a square kilometre or a square mile from here, there is like, loads of people who play hurling. And, you know, having wellbeing as part of your job is a thing that's often talked about. So we kind of said "look, we could... we could combine our wellbeing and playing hurling as well."


Considering that the call only went out on Twitter just before 10am on the morning of, the response was good. There was something unique about the meet-up as well, as people arrived in ones and twos just after 1 o'clock. Some had tracksuits on, others still in slacks and dress shoes. Some had hurls, others borrowed from the few provided by Timmy and Daithí. Some came with friends, others arrived happy to have a puck and a chat with whoever happened to be there. Hammersley was encouraged by the response, and put the call out to anyone who might be interested, regardless of their experience;

"I'd say you don't need to have any level of hurling. I don't think you ever have to have played, even. Like this is just a way of... It's just a way of swinging a hurl . Having a ball and having the craic with some people here as well. You know, and it's even... Probably would be a great way for people to connect here as well. Often in areas of high population and so on, a lot of people don't interact with each other. But this is an opportunity for people to come down and interact along with playing hurling as well."

The plan going forward? More of the same. If you're interested in getting involved, check out the dates and register your interest here. Make sure to follow Timmy and Daithí on Twitter, as well.