Armagh referee strokes one over with outside of the boot from the 45 2 years ago

Armagh referee strokes one over with outside of the boot from the 45

Just give Enda Mallon the ball.

Derrynoose defeated Collegeland 1-13 to 0-11 points in the Armagh Junior football championship recently but none of those 24 scores were as slick as the referee's outside of the boot belter from 45 yards out.

Armagh referee Enda Mallon was in charge of the game in Derrynoose and even though they say a referee's best performance is an anonymous one, Mallon went and took centre stage in the Orchard County to spectacular effect.

The crowd went wild, the players watched on in awe as the man in the middle lined one up and took it out with his laces, hitting the headlines for all the right reasons.

The réiteoir had just awarded a free in the game, roughly 50 yards out from the goals and crucially, at an angle. That didn't seem to bother him one bit though.

As the free-taker hopped his ball off the ground, eyeing up the posts, another one rolled onto the field right to the foot of the man with the whistle.


He didn't need any time to steady himself, or to go through any free-taking routines. He picked it up, and after one glance at the posts he met it with his laces and sent it sailing over the black-spot, much to the crowd's enjoyment.

Casually as you like, he jogs away from the scene.

By the looks of things, Mallon had set the bar too high for the real free-taker as his effort from the inside of the boot had a bit too much curl on it and hit the post.

Enda Mallon knows how it's done.

Video credit: @ConallMc13