America's two most beautiful GAA jerseys go green for St. Patrick's Day 5 years ago

America's two most beautiful GAA jerseys go green for St. Patrick's Day

We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, but, oh Christ, wouldn't it be wonderful if we were?

Of all the great things to come out of America - and there have been some things - the Kansas City GAA jersey is definitely the best.


The geansaí, produced by Masita last year, received worldwide acclaim and it's no wonder.

But, whilst it stood apart in a league of its own, it hasn't been the only piece of knitwear to steal the hearts of the jersey-loving public.


Then... then, Philadelphia Young Ireland's rose to prominence with both the home and away kits leaving men and women everywhere swooning*.


Ahead of St. Patrick's Day, Masita have relaunched some of their most popular creations by transforming three of the club jerseys to green so you won't have to look out of place standing around the Holylands in Belfast for nine hours on March 17.


The Philadelphia and Kansas kits are available in the special edition designs along with another public favourite all the way from Scandinavia, the Viking Gaels.

Whilst Kansas City (on the left) have lost the Jameson sponsor, they haven't lost the quality and those blends green on the new Viking Gaels kit (on the right) probably make the thing an upgrade from what was already a pristine effort.

It seems that, no matter what is tried with Philadelphia, it works.


See below for more shots of the new jerseys, available now at Masita.