Alan Brogan can't understand calls to move Dublin out of Croke Park 3 years ago

Alan Brogan can't understand calls to move Dublin out of Croke Park

Three-time All-Ireland winner Alan Brogan has said that he can't understand the calls for Dublin to move out of Croke Park ahead of this summer's inaugural Super 8 series.

The four winners from the provincial championships will be joined in the Super series by the four teams that successfully come through Round 4 of the qualifiers to form two groups of four where the top two teams in each group will advance to the All-Ireland semi-final.


Every team will have a home match in the Super 8's and every team will have an away match and every team will have a game at headquarters but Dublin's home game will be played at Croke Park - even though it's not their home game.

The GAA's decision to play two Dublin games at Croke Park, where Jim Gavin's side have not lost in the championship since 2014, has rankled with many but Brogan claims he can't see the reason in moving Dublin away from headquarters given the crowds that Dublin regularly attract.

There have been many against the move to award two Dublin games with those opposing the decision highlighting a failure from the GAA to acknowledge or recognise the legitimacy of home advantage.




Colm Parkinson spoke about the recent ground selection issues on the latest episode of The GAA Hour:


"I've never seen a reaction to a decision by the GAA like this before in my life," said Parkinson in relation to the GAA's initial decision to host Kildare's round three qualifier with Mayo at Croke Park instead of St. Conleth's Park in Newbridge.

"I think it was a build up. It was a build up of so many decisions by the GAA without consulting players that didn't really have players' situation in mind.

"We saw it in the league this year, we saw them changing games from a Sunday to a bank holiday Monday without any consultation with players.

"We saw Laois being sent to Nolan Park to play Dublin instead of at home. We saw Carlow being sent to O'Moore Park instead of playing them in Carlow.

"We saw Wicklow not allowed play them in Aughrim, all to satisfy supporters. Not a notion given to what actually suits players.

"We see Kildare being sent to Croke Park, we see Dublin being given two Super 8 games in Croke Park, all for financial purposes and not, for what as far as I'm concerned, are the most important people in the GAA: the players."