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19th Apr 2017

Weird non-league attempt at a fancy throw-in goes doesn’t go to plan whatsoever

Yeah, this doesn't work

Darragh Murphy

Maybe just stick to the standard throw-ins in future, lads.

We’ve all seen how the outrageous front-flip throw-in can very, very, very occasionally come good and look like a piece of legitimate footballing ingenuity.

The perfect example of that very skill took place only last week.

The above effort gave non-league side, Brackley Town, some motivation to try to muster up something similar for their meeting with Gainsborough Trinity in the National League North on Monday.

Rather than opt for the acrobatic front-flip, Brackley’s left-back decided to lie flat on his back and use the raw power of his core to generate the force of a throw into the opposition box.

We could understand trying something so absolutely absurd if your side was, say, 12-0 up but this effort took place with the score standing at 0-0, which is how the tie finished.

Unless you want to look like an absolute dickhead, we wouldn’t advise you to give this a go.

But if you want to look like a dickhead, on the other hand, go nuts. This is the best thing for you.

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