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01st Apr 2018

Non-League defender taught harshest lesson in football after turning back

Never turn your back on the ball, kids

Reuben Pinder

The beautiful game

Non-League football, for all its hoof ball and uncovered stands, is beautiful. Terraces, affordable food, affordable tickets, a real community feel all add to the experience of watching a non-league match, not to mention the soggy pitches and shambolic defending.

A waterlogged pitch played its part in creating an extremely embarrassing moment for this Woking defender this weekend. With the game tied at 2-2, Macclesfield attacker Danny Whitehead chased a through ball, poking it past the Woking goalkeeper. On a better surface, that would have been it. Game over. Last minute heartbreak. But the state of the pitch slowed the ball down to a standstill before it crossed the line.

“CLEAR IT”, you’re thinking. But it was too late, the defender had already given up, turned his back on the ball, and the Macclesfield striker was able to finish it off.

This will no doubt keep the poor guy up at night, but he will have learned his lesson. Never turn your back on the ball.

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