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14th Mar 2016

WATCH: When goalkeepers and defenders don’t communicate, starring FC Dallas


Darragh Murphy

There’s a reason that there are so few shy goalkeepers.

Goalkeepers need to be loud and commanding to prevent any confusion among their defenders.

Anybody who has ever defended a ball into the box knows that there’s no greater relief than an early shout from the man between the sticks, whether it’s “my ball” or “clear it.”

It just stops nonsense… This kind of nonsense.

Mixed signals were definitely ringing between FC Dallas goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez and his defenders on Sunday night.

Dallas conceded five against State rivals Houston Dynamo, with the second the most ridiculous of the bunch.

Centre-half Matt Hedges obviously got his wires crossed with his ‘keeper as he either misheard his shout, didn’t get a shout or had a bet on prior to the game that Dallas would concede an own goal.

As Gonzalez came rushing off his line to claim the ball, Hedges gently passed it back and became the star of one of the worst own goals of the season.

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