WATCH: The students who spent the night in Old Trafford release footage of how they managed it 6 years ago

WATCH: The students who spent the night in Old Trafford release footage of how they managed it

Security officials at Old Trafford will not enjoy this 20 minute video that shows two students sneaking into Manchester United's Premier League clash with Arsenal.

On Tuesday, news broke that the pair had slipped away from a stadium tour on Friday afternoon before sneaking into a public restroom where they spent the night.


The initial reports claimed that both young men were discovered when the routine pre-match security sweep took place but, judging by the video, that's not entirely true.

Security chiefs did approach the men in the bathroom stalls but, for some reason, didn't manage to apprehend them.


There were some tense moments when Old Trafford employees knocked on the door and asked for answers but still the lads were able to hold their nerve and wait it out.

They even managed to catch some of the game but it would appear that they were found out shortly after, presumably when the supporters whose seats they were in showed up for the 1-1 draw.

The decision was made not to arrest the daring duo, who were allowed to walk free after proving that they didn't pose a threat to the genuine fans at the game.


"We were interrogated and searched 2 more times, we gave all of our details," they wrote.

"They completed all of the necessary background checks to ensure we didn’t pose a threat. We were then asked to explain how we managed to do it to ensure it doesn’t happen again!

"We were already searched when we came into the stadium, and as we didn’t pose a threat they released us!"

The stunt didn't work out as well for them when they attempted the exact same thing at Arsenal's Emirates stadium earlier this month, when security guards stumbled across them and booted them out of the ground.


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